Assembling Over 10 People in Concord at the State House

Last week, the “governor” announced an “executive order” banning free assembly of over fifty people. As of today, he has announced that number is being lowered to ten. As this is a basic human right of association, we will be assembling over ten people, and hopefully over fifty people, at the state house steps on Wednesday, April 1st at 2pm.

Bring your video cameras, signs, and your friends! See you there.


Here in Calif. they asked people to exercise social distancing and voluntarily limit the number of customers inside at a time, etc, and it has been working well.

You educate and inform others, teach them how to develop critical-thinking skills, not point guns at them and innate force and violence.

It seems as if you’re deliberately trying to find the least intelligent and least persuasive Civil Disobedience causes - attacking the laws that any voluntary local governance would overwhelmingly approve of. If it was illegal would you be licking toilet seats as well?

Tax resistance, hacktivism, satire, tentsteading government-stolen land, secession - that’s no fun, delete, delete, delete…

Free the nipple, let’s increase the odds of old people dying - #YOLO, woo hoo!


April Fools?

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My previous post was made on March 25th, and was based on the facts as they appeared at that time. Many things have changed in the six weeks since, and I now fully endorse Civil Disobedience against the overreaching government panic laws. Those laws are causing more damage and death than COVID-19 itself!


That is good to be able to change one’s mind with new information. Congrats on your repositioning on this issue.

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